About Us

Ruth and Andy Harrison are full time self-taught lampwork glass artists based in Burton-On-Trent.

Andy spent 20 years in the software industry, 15 specialising in broadcast media and 5 running his own hardware/software company selling to the broadcast market worldwide. Ruth spent 22 years as a maintenance engineer in the food, IT and pharmaceutical industries, the last 2 working for Andy’s company as Customer Support Manager.

Lampworking and jewellery design began as a hobby, quickly became an addiction followed soon after by us selling the business and creating our own studio to lampwork full time.

Glass is an obsession that satisfies us artistically as well as suiting our engineering backgrounds, melting various glass colours from various sources and cooling them to room temperature while instilling strength and durability requires a scientific approach. We are constantly inspired by the never ending palette of colour available to us and seeking the unexpected reactions that occur between them.

We are registered with the Self Representing Artists Scheme, number H164, and are a sponsor of the Self Representing Artist in Jewellery Design scheme, number 2642.

Come along to any of the Arts & Crafts shows we attend to see our work “in the flesh” and watch us demonstrate how we make our beads and jewellery. See our Events Diary page for details of upcoming shows.

Contacting Us

We can be contacted by –
Post:Kalypso Glass, 14 Sydney St, Burton On Trent, DE14 2QX